How To Find the Best Milk For Lattes

Coffee and milk have always been friends, and one of the most famous children of these two drinks is certainly the latte. Since their invention up to now, lattes have become wildly popular all over the globe. The mix of energizing coffee and warm, creamy milk creates a delicious combination that’s hard not to enjoy.

These days you can find lattes on every corner as well as millions of people running to get their fix from early morning until evening hours. They also come in different flavors and sizes, so they’ve evolved far beyond your boring milk/coffee blend.

As with many things in life, there is a right and a wrong way to prepare a latte. Of course, tastes differ so not everyone will prefer the same thing, but according to industry standards, a proper latte requires adequate skill and ingredients to make.

One of the biggest factors for whipping up a good cup is the milk. Not all milks are made equal, and in this article, we will discuss and uncover what is the best milk for a latte. Bear with us as we dive further into the topic.

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October Lunch Recipes To Impress Your Friends With

Now that summer has passed, and October has rolled around, you might be looking for a change of pace. The light summer dishes might not be working anymore, especially when it comes to lunch and you should look into making something more wholesome.

I was thinking the same thing and went snooping around for some great lunch recipes to serve this month, something that my family and friends would love and haven’t yet tried. 

Here are some of the best things I found and I hope you will try at least some of them.

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October Dinner Recipes You’ll Adore

It’s October, and it seems like the fall season has finally arrived, and it’s time to change your cooking lineup to suit it! There are many tried and true recipes that might come to mind, but why not try and go out of your comfort zone to try something new? Who knows what you might discover!
You should always strive to impress both your family and your guests with delicious new dishes.

Here are some of my favorite new and unconventional recipes, most of which I found recently - each one will leave you stunned and asking for more.

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Best Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes You Must Enjoy This Week

If you haven’t discovered the magic of slow cooker, the time is ideal for you.

This fantastic kitchen appliance is particularly attractive in Autumn; it provides absolutely wonderful, delicious meals without much hustle, and the end result usually exceeds your expectations. You just need ingredients and some patience, and this marvelous tech wonder.

I’ve found out about this machine a long time ago and tried some recipes that wouldn’t take much time to complete. But eventually, I realized that the real value of the slow cooker comes with the long, steady cooking.

Set it and forget it – and later return to find something fantastic is waiting for you.

Let’s check out some of the delicious recipes you can make with slow cooker this week:

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Apricot Teriyaki Meatballs

There’s a secret behind this teriyaki sauce. And, it might already be in your refrigerator! Apricot preserves! Why apricot preserves you ask? Because the fruit preserve adds sweetness and hint of apricot flavor to the sauce – and those two elements partner perfectly with salty soy sauce, tangy rice vinegar, and nutty sesame oil.

All the flavors complement each other and make for a thick, rich sauce that you will swoon over. We never have a drop left in our house. And that brings me to my next point…

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Toasted Ravioli With Marinara

This super simple recipe takes ordinary ravioli to new heights! Slightly crispy on the outside, tender and cheesy on the inside, you’ve never had ravioli like this before!

And the process is easy: First, the pasta is boiled until just tender (it doesn’t matter if you start with fresh or frozen ravioli).

Then, the tender squares are brushed with olive oil, seasoned with cheese and baked until golden. As the ravioli squares bake, they gently toast and puff up – and the result is incredible – a slightly crisp exterior and tender interior. And now they’re ready for the marinara dip!

How to eat toasted ravioli? It’s up to you, but in my house, we use our hands – these bite-size squares are the perfect finger food. That said, these also make a great addition to your party appetizer selection.

Which ravioli to use? Your favorite! Choose any variety of ravioli you prefer – fresh or frozen, cheese or beef. They all work well.

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Bacon And Cheddar Chicken With Maple-Dijon Glaze

Let’s face it, bacon makes everything better, and chicken is no exception! In this recipe, the bacon not only adds great flavor to the chicken, it makes a stunning presentation (worthy of entertaining).

About the flavors: Aside from the marriage of bacon and chicken, there are plenty of other complimentary flavors going on: bacon and cheddar cheese, cheddar cheese and Dijon mustard, and bacon and maple syrup.

Yes, the ingredient list is short, but each component is a key player, creating a dish with complex flavors in every bite.

Want to prep ahead? This dish can be assembled up to 24 hours in advance. Prepare the chicken as instructed below and, before baking, cover the pan with plastic wrap or foil and refrigerate before baking.

Remove the pan from the refrigerator 30 minutes before baking (perhaps while the oven is preheating). Remove the cover and spoon over any of the maple-Dijon sauce from the bottom of the pan. Bake as directed below.

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Espresso-Chocolate Cake With Espresso Beans

Imagine a moist chocolate cake, kicked up with the flavor of espresso coffee. The coffee doesn’t overpower the chocolate flavor – in fact, it catapults the cocoa to new heights! And, here’s more good news: by adding 1/2 cup brewed espresso, you can eliminate milk from the recipe, which cuts back on calories and fat.

I also used nonfat Greek yogurt in the batter, slashing calories and fat even further. That means, you can feel good about enjoying slice after slice of this amazing cake, whether it’s for dessert, breakfast or mid-afternoon snacking!

Leftover cake? As unlikely as that is – store leftover cake at room temperature, well wrapped, for several days or freeze for up to 3 months.

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Refresh Your Breakfast With These Amazing Homemade Pancake Recipes

At their most basic, pancakes are a magical combination of milk, eggs, and flour given a quick cooking over high heat in a pan. Variations on pancakes show up all over the world -- from the crepes of France to potato Latkes to savory Johnny Cakes.

Infinitely versatile, pancakes make a great meal any time of day. This collection of recipes from our friends will give you plenty of options: Try topping them with berries or whipped cream, or adding peanut butter, fruit, or special jams and preserves to make a truly unique and delicious meal.

*These recipes are sorted by time tags (both prep and cook). Click on the tab to find the one you need.

  • Under 15 Min
  • 15 Min - 30 Min
  • 30 min - 1 h
  • more than 1 h
Pancake Mix In A Jar
Get the full recipe here
​​​Pancake Mix In A Jar

Everyone loves good old-fashioned pancakes, so why not give them as a gift? This recipe makes four batches of dry pancake mix to put in a 1-liter jar.

All you need to do is print off the label, attach it to the jar, and you have a wonderful gift for everyone on your holiday list or for any other occasion!

Scotch Or Scottish Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​Scotch Or Scottish Pancakes

A variety of standard pancakes comes from Scotland, and Jacqueline had them improved a bit. The minimalistic approach is seen in only five ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, egg, and milk), but this isn’t bad.

On the contrary, makes the recipe really fast and easy. What sets them apart is that Scottish pancakes are smaller but thicker than the other, and fluffy. Unfortunately, no scotch with ice is allowed.

Beer And Bacon Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​​Beer And Bacon Pancakes

Finally, a recipe which will make male readers run to the kitchen! Although it seems a bit odd, it is amusing to prepare and make. Since the beer has its distinct taste, when combined with other ingredients it will not “suffocate” the others, but rather make them better.

Also, try to avoid using smoked bacon, since that one is way too salty, and can ruin the taste. Say thanks to Meaghan that you can’t push your husband out of the kitchen anymore.

Family Favorite Pancake Muffins
Get the full recipe here
​​​​Family Favorite Pancake Muffins

For a twist on the traditional pancake, add one special ingredient to homemade or store-bought pancake mix to transform them into the ultimate family-favorite breakfast: Pancake Muffins.

Best of all, your family can customize them with their favorite stir-ins like blueberries, chocolate chips or even bacon and cheddar cheese.

Best Pancakes Recipe Ever
Get the full recipe here
​​​​​Best Pancakes Recipe Ever

This simply awesome pancake recipe will be a weekend staple in your home.

With pantry items that you're sure to have in your home, this recipe can be made ahead of time (place dry ingredients in a container, and wet ingredients mixed together in the fridge), or quickly put together for a fun breakfast.

Sausage Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​Sausage Pancakes

Erin found an unusual combination. Instead of thinking whether you would like sausages or pancakes for breakfast, she suggests both.

The recipe is quite simple, though, all it is is to cook the sausage, cut it into thin slices, roll up in pancake batter, and throw it into the frying pan. 

Since it is rich in calories and still compact, you can consider it for a picnic or any outdoor meal.

Almond Flour Pancake
Get the full recipe here
​Almond Flour Pancake

These grain-free, gluten-free almond flour pancakes aren't lumpy, dry, or dense, thanks to a special secret ingredient (that you probabaly have in your pantry).

This simple, easy recipe is great for beginners or anyone who wants a gut-healthy start to their day

Banana Macadamia Nut, Coconut Whip Pancakes (Vegan, Contains Gluten)
Get the full recipe here
​Banana Macadamia Nut, Coconut Whip Pancakes (Vegan, Contains Gluten)

To be honest, I never thought that pancakes could be made without the eggs. I’m glad that Anjali proved me wrong. Her combination of coconut cream, mashed bananas, and macadamia with the whim of vanilla just made my day.

It was perfectly balanced, not too sweet nor tasteless, and the softness was heavenly. I strongly recommend you to try it!

Chocolate Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​Chocolate Pancakes

Blueberries are old news, banana pancakes are so 1990. Homemade chocolate pancakes are the new trend that is taking the Sunday morning tradition up a notch! These babies look like dessert and come together in no time using simple ingredients.

My favorite part? They freeze well, make a double batch to enjoy leftovers any time you want! Traditional Bisquick is used to make these chocolate pancakes combines with good old fashioned cocoa powder. The results are astounding without adding a tremendous amount of sugar!

Almond Flour Beet Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​Almond Flour Beet Pancakes

Love Beets makes tasty, all-natural, ready-to-eat beets and are sold in grocery stores across North America.

These Almond Flour Beet Pancakes contain all-natural coloring and the nutritional benefits of beets.

Whole-Wheat Raw Orange Blossom Honey And Ricotta Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​​Whole-Wheat Raw Orange Blossom Honey And Ricotta Pancakes

What I love about these pancakes is the light and pillowy soft texture. Using only egg whites in the batter, the pancakes are not as dense as the regular kind of pancakes.

The whole-wheat flour adds a wonderful earthy and bold flavor and paired with the delicate orange blossom honey and the creaminess of the ricotta cheese - these pancakes become a delightful experience every time!

Erin’s Oh-So-Fluffy Sourdough Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​Erin’s Oh-So-Fluffy Sourdough Pancakes

Erin hails from Alaska, where she lives and gives us excellent recipes. She recommends using coconut or olive oil (I prefer the first one, gives me the feeling as if I’m on a desert island), making an ordinary batter for pancakes, but also to boost it with a sourdough starter (which should be left the night before to do its magic).

Be careful as I wasn’t, so the first time my pancakes were kind of black, and not set the temperature too high. In case that you do make a mistake, make the batter again and start all over.

Serve those with yogurt and maple syrup.

S’Mores Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​​​​S’Mores Pancakes

In case of confusion, S’more stands for “some more,” because you will hear that a lot in case that you make them for family breakfast. Chocolate chips paired with marshmallow crème are a guarantee that your kids will adore them.

I have because they are light, sweet just enough and still exciting and fun to make. Simply put, Krissy did a marvelous job here!

Red Velvet Pancakes With Cream Cheese Glaze
Get the full recipe here
​Red Velvet Pancakes With Cream Cheese Glaze

These red velvet pancakes feature the traditional hint of cocoa, and are topped with a luscious drizzle of tangy cream cheese glaze.

It's an amazing flavor combination, and a great way to start any day.

The Gluten Free Ratio Rally – Quinoa Cornmeal Lemon Honey Pancakes with Rosemary infused Maple Syrup
Get the full recipe here
Quinoa Cornmeal Lemon Honey Pancakes With Rosemary Infused Maple Syrup

The richness of this syrup is hard to express. Quinoa is there for a healthy portion, lemon gives freshness, the honey mildness, and rosemary gives that Mediterranean vibe which I just loved.

Irvin did a marvelous job, to be honest. And kept it healthy, consistent and gluten-free as well.

Make-Ahead Breakfast For Busy Mornings: Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​​Make-Ahead Breakfast For Busy Mornings: Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes

Standard pancakes are a great way to start the day. In order to make your day better, Regan suggests a simple recipe of flour, eggs, baking powder, and buttermilk.

She also says that you shouldn’t beat the mixture for too long because pancakes will be rubber-like, and I have to admit it, she’s right. After done, pack them in a zipper bag and freeze.

In case of sudden hunger, toss them into the microwave, and you’re saved.

Guilt-Free Pumpkin Protein Pancakes
Get the full recipe here
​Guilt-Free Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Have you ever tried seeds and nuts as an addition to pancakes? If not, Heidi suggests doing so.

This is a variety of standard recipe, only that sugar is removed, along with anything which can make you unfit, while still remaining tasty (yay!) Also, that vanilla powder really brings out beautiful memories.

Strawberry Pancakes With Granola Recipe, How To Make Strawberry Pancakes With Granola
Get the full recipe here
​Guilt-Free Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Granola is available at everywhere these days, but I have never thought that I could use it to make pancakes. Luckily, Neha showed me the other way. Top the pancakes with granola and strawberries along with maple syrup.

I suggest to leave it for a few minutes for granola to soak up the syrup for the ultimate experience.

As easy to make as they are to eat, pancakes are always a favorite at my breakfast (or dinner) table. Needing nothing much more than a pan, a stove burner, and a bowl to mix batter in, they also make for easy cleanup after the meal is over.

Try out any of these recipes from our friends to mix up your breakfast, lunch or dinner menu at any time of the year.

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